Thursday, December 13, 2007

So Funny...Santa!

So there is a neighborhood here in Fresno where about 4-5 streets get together and decorate the heck out of their homes. I have never seen anything like it before in my life. There is seriously like a line of cars that drive in and out of the neighborhood all night long. In the past two christmas' that we have been living in Fresno we always do a little drive by when ever we are near. The other night after the Children's with Cancer Christmas Party, we decided to take Mckenzie. One of the homes has their garage made into a little scene with santa, where the kids can get out of the car and run up and see santa and sit on his lap. Mckenzie for as long as I can remember has never like Santa. It makes it easy when we are at the mall because most kids are begging their parents to let them see santa, but Mckenzie just walks right on by and just enjoys waving to him. So anyways, back to my story..Mckenzie decided this time that she wanted to get out of the car and see santa. So i got her out of the car and the second she heard him talk she was mortified. She does not like the voice of santa or his beard is what she told me. So this is what the picture turned out to be. Maybe next year, she won't be afraid of santa. This is one of the houses in the neighborhood that you drive through, this picture does not do it justice. If any

St. George Temple...

Two weekends ago we were able to go to St. George to meet up with my mom and dad. They had a Lone Peak Basketball Tourney there. We packed up the car and drove the two kids. It was a quick drive because we usually drive all the way to Orem. Our friends from Utah Chris & Erin and their little baby Cher came down to visit as well. We got to stay with them one night in their condo. Thanks again, it was so much fun hanging out and remembering old times. Which that is where Erin & I first kind of met and talked with Skyler and Chris. Kind of funny how things work out. -Skyler and I were able to go and do a session in the St. George temple. We had stake temple impact month for Nov. and the Stake President which is Skyler's uncle (Jon Parker) asked all couples to attend 4 times in the month of November. So we tried being faithful and ended our 4th visit in Utah at the St. George temple. What a great blessing it is to be able to have so many temples all around the world that we can go too. I truly am grateful for the lord and his blessings that he gives to me and my family!

Recap: From Thanksgiving..

As I was going through my pictures I realized that I had not blogged any of Thanksgiving. It then became very apparent to me that it is the one day out of the year that causes most stress for women, and the one day out of the year that causes most rest and relaxation for the men. As the women slave away in the kitchen. I know this might not be true for all, but hey you have to admit it's pretty true. Just look at these pictures and you will see what I am talking about. We had a great Thanksgiving we went to Jenny & Jon Parkers (Skyler's aunt and Uncle). She is such a great host and is always making everything look wonderful. I was incharge of bringing two pies. Of course I can always count on my homemade apple pie that my mom taught me to make, thanks mom.. and then I tried a new pumpkin recipe with a gingersnap crust (it didn't turn out quite as I had hoped, so I made a spare pumpkin pie just in case). That I ended up getting to take home and we ate it for the next week. There is nothing like pumpkin pie during the holidays. Relaxing... More Relaxing... Sleeping... Back Rubs... Mckenzie, Camilee, & Kaylee

Two Peas In a Pod...

As much work as it is being a mother, I would never want to be doing anything else at this time in my life. I love to see their smiling faces. Each day they interact more and more with each other because Kaylee is getting bigger, I can tell they are going to be great friends.. They look so cute dressed up, that night we went to a Hawaiian Party. This is Mckenzie and her friend Bella. They love to play dress up and sing "Best Of Both Worlds" from Hannah Montana.

This is what happens...

...when you let your child go outside to play while daddy is out there and they come back in looking like this, in her brand new shirt. Skyler decided to wash the car and Mckenzie decided to help obviously. Instead of coming in to change out of her good clothes into play clothes: this shirt has now become one of her play shirts after the first time of use. It's funny to think that our car was that dirty, but I believe it..we have been kind of slackers on keeping the car cleaned every week!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

THE Cleveland Elfs! Click here!

Just click on the above title and you will see what we have been up to lately. -Merry Christmas-

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Girls Night Out..

*Last week we went to Yoshino's for a girls night out. We try to get together at least once a month. Skyler's cousin Kyle who passed away this July, his wife, Ashley came back to visit from Tennessee. We always love to get together when she is here. We had so much fun. Miss you Ashley..and we can't wait to see you when you come out for Christmas!


*A few days ago I was getting ready in the morning and I thought Kaylee was asleep on my bed. Until I saw this...she had somehow managed to move herself under all of the pillows. I heard a faint cry for was so funny. This girl is starting to move all over now. She always ends up in the strangest places, in corners, under chairs and the table, she rolls into my closet just to name a few. We sure do love our Rolley Polley!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dancing Like Crazy...

These past couple of weeks it feels like Mckenzie has been doing a lot more dance than normal. It's because we have had to make up 4 classes along with what she is already taking. I have so much fun watching her. Her class does a little tap number with their teddy bears and it makes me want to melt every time I see them do it. She had to wear her lady bug costume to dance one night and then we went and saw "THE BEE MOVIE" with her little friend Bella. In case you haven't seen it, I totally recommend it. I was entertained the whole time and so was Mckenzie. "Buzzz Bye..."

"I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog toto too...

* I know these are a little late, but I thought I posted these a week ago, and I guess it didn't post. So anyways here is a little recap for my family back in Utah who didn't get to see us dressed up for the night. During the day we had a fun Halloween party @ our friend Sarah's house. We lined up all the little kiddies on the couch and this is what we came up with. It was so funny to try and get all of their attention at once. Later that night we had Kip & Katie over for Tacos, and then we went Trick-Or-Treating in Skyler's cousins neighborhood. Mckenzie had a ton of fun and got lots of candy (which I tried to hide most of it from her) but did you think that would really work! I mean it's Mckenzie, let's be honest here!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Good Friends...

I am so grateful to have such great friends. Although I am out of the loop and live here in California, whenever I go back my highschool friends always get together. Our favorite place is Pizza Factory, we used to always eat there, and since we don't have it in Cali. I am always craving their bread twists, salads, and of course the Never On Sundae. Thanks to all of you girls for being such great friends, I love you so much and wish I could be there for your Friday's out with the girls, but I am with you just in spirit! Cause WE GOT SPIRIT (Right?) j/k our cheer days are long gone. can you believe it has been almost 8 years since we have graduated, where has time gone?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

So thankful for..Aunts & Uncles

Mckenzie and Kaylee have awesome aunts..Emily, Katie, & Alyssa. They also have uncles...Casey, Robbey & Joey. We love to come to Utah and visit the ones that we don't see here in Fresno. The girls just love the attention that they get. Especially Mckenzie. This whole trip she would follow Alyssa and Joey around to the point where I think it got a little annoying to them after awhile. But I know they secretly loved it. I am so blessed to have wonderful siblings, Though we have all had our ups and downs and trials in life it is nice to know that we are always there for eachother no matter what happens. We have that special bond with eachother that can never be broken, that is such a special thing to me. I am so grateful for a family who loves us and treats my daughters like they were their own. I can't wait to be a aunt and be able to show my neices and nephews the love that their parents have shown my own.

Welcome Home Anziano Perkins

* I know it has taken me forever to get these posted, but what can I say.. I am busy gal, just like all of the other mothers out there. Well it was so exciting seeing Joey for the first time in 2 years. We were waiting anxiously for Joey to walk out to baggage claim with about 3 other missionary families. And we would see a missionary from afar and it wasn't joey, so the next one came out and it wasn't Joey, but the third time it was him, and Alyssa, my mom and I all ran to him and we just hugged the living heck out of him. Of course we were all bawling, with my dad in the background taking pictures and bawling himself. It was a great day. My other brother Robbey was there, as well as my Grandma Ruth, who we don't get to see too often, so it was very special. I am so proud of Joey for serving a faithful mission in Rome, Italy. It was so great to be able to spend his first week back at home with him (sorry we took your room and your bed). Just imagine that he comes home after being gone for two years and doesn't even have a bedroom. Anyways, all I can say is that I am so blessed to have my family, and the family I married into. Life is Good.... We love you Joey ! Welcome Home to America!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We love Cousins

*This is us right before we went to pick Joey up from the airport. It was the first day of my new haircut. (Thanks Danielle). *Afton April & Kaylee Mae* I can't believe that Danielle and I have girls one month apart. We are just 2 months apart and have been best buddies our whole entire lives. We have a picture of the two of us at exactly this same age and it looks just like this with us dressed up the same. Afton was born in april and that is her middle name, and Kaylee was born in May and that is her middle name as well, only spelled Mae after Skyler's grandma. What special girls we have! "Girls just want to have fun". These girlies are basically my little sisters. We have grown up with them in our home, babysitting since Whitney was a baby. We love to see them every time we come. Harrison isn't in the picture, but we love him too. *This is my cousin Chad's daughter, her name is Emma, we don't see them as often as we would like, but it's so fun to get together when we can*

Monday, November 12, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch before we went to Utah. These are Skyler's cousins..Metta, Anna, and Camille. We had a lot of fun looking at the pumpkins, which we did not buy there because they were so darn expensive. They took a ride on the little tractor train, that rode around the patch. It was a fun filled night! This was my long hair before I had to chop it, due to a coloring accident. I was so sad to see it go, but it will grow back. It's always fun doing something new with your hair, if you like it afterwards (which I do, thanks for fixing it Danielle, I love you)!

Mae Mae

*Well I have so much to blog since we have been home from Utah, I decided to start with our little "Mae, Mae". She is so much fun I can't even stand it. She brightens all of our lives. It is so fullfilling watching my two little girls interact with eachother. There is nothing better in life than being a wife and mother. It defines me...completely!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Dorothy & ToTo

*For Halloween Mckenzie and Kaylee are "Dorothy & ToTo". We are in Utah right now visiting my family and my brother Joey who just got home from his mission. I will post all of those pictures when I get back home. We took the girls to get their pictures taken @ the mall and it was so much fun dressing them up. I just love Halloween Season, it's so much fun. We sure do miss our daddy and wish he was here with us. We will see you soon Babe and we love you!

Thanksgiving Day...

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and so has my family. We were so blessed to be able to have them come out from Utah to join us (even if it was for 3 short days). We had so much fun just being together and hanging out. Steve made the turkey which was really impressive and the rest of us all pitched in to make the meal a delight. Bette's yams are always one of the favorites of the meal.We also got more aquainted with the WII, especially Sky's g-pa. He was so fun to watch at tennis.. We did miss Kip & Katie who were in Utah and my bro. Robby (who is now devoting his life to delivering christmas packages for Fed Ex..who knows he may just drop something by at your house! I love the holidays and I am so grateful to be able to share it with those I love most!