Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tag Your It/ Happy Easter!

10 years ago: I was a soph. in highschool. Probably just getting back from cheer nationals at Disneyland. I wasn't dating yet, but I was very invloved in school activities. 
5 things on my to-do-list today:
well being that it is almost tomorrow...which is Easter
1:put the girls easter baskets together before morning.. and make sure I leave some crumbs from the easter bunny. (Mckenzie wrote the easter bunny a cute letter and left him out some cookies)
2:wake up! get me and girls ready in Easter attire: always so fun, except for the part that I have to fix Mckenzie's hair and most of the time it ends in a wrestling match.
3:church, sing in ward choir
4: Make a salad for our easter dinner
5: Go to Easter dinner at Skylers uncle Craig's house. Meet with lots of the Cleveland Clan and have great food, good company, and an easter egg hunt
Most Important..remembering the savior and the atonement. What a sacrifice he made for you and for me to be able to return with our father in heaven someday! 
Snacks I enjoy
1.Fiber One Bars
2. Slim Fast Shakes
3. Cheese Quesos
4. Chips and Salsa
5. anything really..i love to eat!
What I would do if I were suddenly a billionaire: our dream home
2. put away for children and grandchildren
3. $$to go toward out project in Romania for kids on the street and orphans
4. give $$ to the church for missionaries..
5. Go on a big fat vacation around the world
Places I have lived
1.Orem, Utah born and raised
2.Brasov, Romania for a summer
3. Chicago, Illinois for a summer
4. Freno, California for life...i guess that is the plan for now
Jobs that I have had...
1. Retail Buckle & Nordstroms
2. Working in a childrens hospital and orphanage in Romania( it was all volunteer, but it was the hardest job yet)
3. Hospital jobs(Peds, Med/Surg, Mother-Baby, NICU)
4. I am currently working for a Regional Hand Sugery Center as a "Scrub" in the OR!
3 of my worst habits:
1.always worrying about what people think...(did I say something wrong, am i a horrible mother because my chilren are sometimes out of control, etc...)
2. I haven't exercised regularly and forcefully as I would like for a really long time..i keep putting it off! But I must say i work it off by running up and down my stairs like 50 times a day and chasing after my kids all day long.
3. I like to buy thing s online and on sale! which is good, but sometimes I buy too much!
5 thing people don't know about me
1. i have to use a coupon for almost anything i buy.
2. i work in the Operating Room helping the Dr.'s put peoples fingers and hands back together. Sometimes it can get gruesome, but I have learned to absolutely love it.
3. i am going to start playing tennis this spring/summer. Beginners of course.
4. i always am worrying about other people and hoping that they are doing ok. I always feel a need to call and check up on people. i guess it is just the mother in me.
5. Last but not least, I am madly in love with my hubby and I think he is the most amazing man on the face of this earth, and the best father to our two special nuggets!
I tag: Erin Jackson, Jamie Lawrence, and Emily Cleveland

a LoVe FoR bIrThDaY pArTiEs...

We went to Chuck-E-Cheese for a birthday party. It was Spencer's 3rd birthday...and Mckenzie just loves parties.. she is always right there ready to blow out the candles and help open the presents. It was a fun day..


My friend and I have a pass to the Zoo, so we try to go as often as we can. This past week we went with some friends and it was really fun. It's nice to have a place close by where we can just walk the kids in the stroller and talk and then leave after an hour or two. Sarah snapped this picture of the kids posing like the  flamingos....                                                    "what would it be like to be a child again..."

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Erin...

So my Best Friend from High School just left this morning to go back home to Utah she came out to visit for a few days while Skyler was down in Palm Springs for a tennis thing. We had so much fun with her and little baby Cher. Again I am SICK...because i thought there was hope when Erin came that we could get some pictures with her camera, but it just so happens that she forgot to bring her camera! So for the full weekend we were again cameraless! I can't even stand it when had so many KODAK moments! The best was when we had Mckenzie, Kaylee, and Cher in the bath all together and they were all standing up with their little bottoms facing us! It was that just means that Erin will have to come out again soon so we can get some pictures! We had lots of fun just hanging out and going shopping out to eat. Talking about the past and how we have known eachother since 6 grade, but we became good friends in 8th. Today is her 26th Birthday and I just want to let her know how much I love her and I am so glad that I have a friend that I don't have to talk to everyday or see every month, but that when we get together it's like time has never stopped we just pick up from where we left off. I will be forever greatful to have a friend like her. Thanks for coming out to Cali...hope Chris didn't spend too much money in Vegas! One day while Erin was here I called to get a babysitter. They were all going to see the new movie Horton Hears a they just said we will bring her along with us.. Thanks so much Taylor and Brooke and family for adding an extra child to your trip. Mckenzie just loved it...and it was nice getting some time to shop without her, but now looking back had we brought her with us I wouldn't have spend near as mcuh money as I did, but oh well such is life! This is a picture of the Indian Wells Tennis Tournament in Palm Springs.. Skyler was there this weekend with his uncle Jon. They live for this trip every year. We went last year, but this year it was a guys only trip. They had a blast watching all of the pros. practice and play. The were eating at this Irish Pub and were sitting right next to Nadal..that was pretty cool! Well maybe next year we will barge in and go with him cause it is a really fun time...but i will be fine just hanging out at the pool with the girls in the beautiful weather! 

A Happy Birthday Shout Out To My Bro...

Just a quick little post to wish my brother Robby a Happy Birthday even though it was on March 14. He just turned 24 which is so hard to believe, but it's true cause in June I will be 26. We love you Robby and hope that you had a wonderful day! He is such a great uncle and always comes by to visit when we are in Utah. Mckenzie just adores him and is always talking about him and the "other one..Joey" she always was confused because we always talked about another brother, but she never knew what we were talking about until he came home from his mission! Hope You have a great day! 

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A fun Visit From My Family...

So I am so sick that I could not find the cord to charge my camera, so therefore it is out of order. These past two weeks have been full of fun actvities and I have not one picture to show for it except for these two pics of alyssa and the girls which she took on my mac, that I just found. So thanks alyssa for always wanting to take pictures of yourself, it came in handy this time! j/k... Well to begin my parents and alyssa drove late into the night to get here, and made it safely, just barely though my dad can't drive worth a darn in the dark (sorry dad, but it's the truth). THe next morning my mom woke up really sick with flu like symptoms, and was really sick the whole time she was here. So, we kept her quarantine from the rest of us, and it worked cause none of us got sick which is a miracle. So once it was time for my parents to head down to San Diego for my dad's job interview, my mom kind of started to feel a little better! Alyssa and I decided that we would meet them in L.A. the next day! So we drove there with the two girls and had a blast. We went to THE Grove a  mall in L.A. which is near Hollywood! I highly recomend it to anyone who is down that way. We visited the American Girl Doll store.. I thought Mckenzie was going to beg me for a doll, but she didn't she wanted the bath that the baby goes in and i was not going to pay $50- for a bath..i was trying to talk her into these cute dolls I was going to get one for her and mae mae, but I didnt cause she didn't seem very interested. So we ended up going to Pottery Barn Kids next door and she wanted to iron all of the clothes in the play area. So we bought her a cute pink iron and I am looking for a cute woodem ironing board now! Then we ate where we ate when I came down with my friends a few weeks ago..The Farm they have great food and most of all really yummy desserts! Especially their brownies, cupcakes, and choc. crossiants! We finally met up with my parents who had been driving for a really long time becuase they kept getting lost and traffic is horrible in L.A., we checked into our hotel and changed and the girls were off to see WICKED! Yes, i know i am crazy for seeing it twice in two weeks, but i love it so much i could see it over and over! My sister loved it and the whole play my mom kept leaning over and saying that I reminded her of GLINDA and Alyssa reminded her of ELFABA! (thanks mom, i am not sure if that is a compliment or not) They loved it, and it was a perfect night out with the girls! My dad was a trooper, he babysat both kids for about 4 hours in a hot stuffy hotel room and managed to have them changed, fed and to sleep when we got back! What an awesome Grandpa he is!-We appreciated it soooo much! Thanks Dad We Love YOU! The next morning we drove to Santa Monica Pier and played out at the beach for awhile. The water was still to cold to get in so we put on feet in and the baby was all into the sand. She was trying to eat it! We ate at Bubba Gumps for lunch and then my parents and Alyssa left to head home to Utah and I drove us girls back to Fresno! It was a great week and I am so glad that my family could come out and visit us... We love you and we miss you already! -sorry for those of you who had to read this boring travel log- I wish I had actual pictures to show for it!

Sunday, March 02, 2008


This last weekend I was able to go away over night for the first time without my kids...and Skyler! It was a really quick trip, but it was so much fun. Wicked was amazing it was the 2nds time that I have seen it, but it's good no matter how many times.. I was able to go with a few close friends of mine from Fresno. It's funny to say this but I just got off the phone with my mom and my family is coming next week, so we planned another mother and daughters trip to see Wicked. So yes, I am going to see it again in week but the tickets are a lot cheaper if you go on a weekday and not a weekend. We had great food, lots of shopping, and a safe drive home..which is a load off my shoulders cause I was the one driving!!

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home...

What would these girlies do without their father. He has such an impact on them each and everyday. When we are both home he is the one that they want. He is so good with them I can't quite figure it out, maybe it's because I am with them the majority of the time and they are sick of me. But he has such a special bond with these girls. Something that I love to watch everyday. He has no problem with coming home from early morning meetings at church and helping me bathe and get the girls ready for church, infact he does most of it, so I am not late. He is the one who puts Mckenzie to bed each night and she always makes him tell her funny stories and she just loves that time with him. He lays in bed with her until she falls asleep, so she won't be scared of the "monsters under her bed" . Thanks Sky for being such a great father to our girls!


The other day Mckenzie ran up to me and said "take a picture of me and toodles" so she stood up against the wall and started posing. It was so funny I had to post it. I am so lucky to have such a sweet busy spirit in my home. What a blessing she is to me in my life. I only hope that I can be the mother that my mother was to me! 

Valentines Day...

I know it has been a few weeks since Valentines, but I forgot to post so here is goes... so we were in Utah obviously for V-Day.  I took Skyler to Magelby's Fresh for breakfast and we had all you can eat french toast, and pancakes with berries and whip cream...only those who live in Utah know what I am talking about when I say they are the best breakfast plates ever! Skyler suprised me (which is so hard to do, cause I usally always find out about things. He had made me a Mac Book of our year 2007! It has every activity and picture for the whole year. It was so amazing to think that he could do something like that! It is now my most prized possession. Thanks so much Skyler!  For the evening we were invited to a Valentines Party. The Chandlers were nice enough to invite us to come hang out with the group. We were Casey and Emily's replacement I think since they couldn't come. It was so much fun we hand Choc. Fondue and Pizza Factory Pizza. The highlight of the night was when I was walking inside and it was icy on the sidewalk and I totally biffed it and scraped up my knee pretty badly. It was really embarassing but that is ok. cause I am used to doing things like that. Another fun thing we did was write our spoused a poem and we had to get up and read it in front of everyone. It was so cool to see how everyone wrote their own poems in their own ways about their spouses. I that part of the night. Skyler wrote me a really sweet poem, mine was more funny but it still let him know how much I appreciate him. Thanks so much Chandlers for hosting an awesome party.

Thanksgiving Day...

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and so has my family. We were so blessed to be able to have them come out from Utah to join us (even if it was for 3 short days). We had so much fun just being together and hanging out. Steve made the turkey which was really impressive and the rest of us all pitched in to make the meal a delight. Bette's yams are always one of the favorites of the meal.We also got more aquainted with the WII, especially Sky's g-pa. He was so fun to watch at tennis.. We did miss Kip & Katie who were in Utah and my bro. Robby (who is now devoting his life to delivering christmas packages for Fed Ex..who knows he may just drop something by at your house! I love the holidays and I am so grateful to be able to share it with those I love most!