Friday, July 14, 2006


After the BBq we went to the Grizzlies baseball team with a lot of SKylers family members. It was really fun and then we watched the fireworks show after. It was a great day. I am glad that we can still celebrate this patriotic day, to give thanks and remembrance to those who gave their lives so freely and fought for our independence. Let Freedom Ring! Posted by Picasa
Kyle, Ashley, Angie, Mckenzie, & Skyler @ the Grizzlies Baseball game on the 4th of July FIREWORKS, KENZIE DIDN'T EVEN CRY, SHE LIKED THEM A LOT!  Posted by Picasa
Our Patriotic daughter. This was the cake I made for our BBQ that we had @ the Jolley's. It was my first time making it and it was all from scratch, but it turned out great. Skyler made some homemade vanilla ice cream to go with it and it was the hit of the night!! I thought this picture was so cute of Skyler and Kenzie we did a little swimming at the BBQ.  Posted by Picasa

"My Buddy, Wherever I Go She Goes, My Buddy & Me"

This was the morning of the 4th of July. We had a ward breakfast and Mckenzie and her little friend Kennedy played together. I am her mothers visiting teacher so they see eachother, and they are in nursery together. Sometimes they get in little "Tiffs" but for the most part they play really good tother!  Posted by Picasa
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"High Five"

Over the 4th of July weekend Kyle and his new wife Ashley came to Fresno to visit their family. They brought their dog Monte. She has trained him to do a "high five" of course Kenzie was in heaven whenever there is a dog around. The other day I took her to the library and every single book had to have a dog on it, or she wouldn't let me put it in her basket. Posted by Picasa

"What a Shiner"

Mckenzie fell down the stairs @ the Parkers house, and she got quite the shiner. She still has a little bruise by her eye almost 2 weeks later, but it looks a lot better than it did. Posted by Picasa
Mckenzie just loves getting into everyone's make-up. This instance was Kara Parkers eyeliner, mistaken for lip stick! Posted by Picasa

Happy 24th Birthday Mommy!

We celebrated my birthday a week late, because of everything that has happened in our family. Jenny Parker made me a yummy homemade cake. Kenzie of course always has to be right there to help. We almost caught her hair on fire when we were leaning over to blow out the candles. I can't belive I am 24 I feel so old! Posted by Picasa
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I Love My Grandma & My Gum! Posted by Picasa
Bo & Monte Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 03, 2006

Gavyn's Birthday Party!

A few days ago we went to a really fun birthday party for a co-worker of Skylers. They had a pool and a huge yard with lots of activities, as you can see Mckenzie participated in all of them. They served hot dogs, and snow cones. It was really fun. Here are some pictures of kenzie enjoying the party. Posted by Picasa
Just chillin with my daddy! Posted by Picasa
My 4th of July outfit that mommy got me! Posted by Picasa
I love to play with bouncy balls! Posted by Picasa
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Playing in the sprinkler with Spencer Posted by Picasa

Thanksgiving Day...

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and so has my family. We were so blessed to be able to have them come out from Utah to join us (even if it was for 3 short days). We had so much fun just being together and hanging out. Steve made the turkey which was really impressive and the rest of us all pitched in to make the meal a delight. Bette's yams are always one of the favorites of the meal.We also got more aquainted with the WII, especially Sky's g-pa. He was so fun to watch at tennis.. We did miss Kip & Katie who were in Utah and my bro. Robby (who is now devoting his life to delivering christmas packages for Fed Ex..who knows he may just drop something by at your house! I love the holidays and I am so grateful to be able to share it with those I love most!