Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We love Cousins

*This is us right before we went to pick Joey up from the airport. It was the first day of my new haircut. (Thanks Danielle). *Afton April & Kaylee Mae* I can't believe that Danielle and I have girls one month apart. We are just 2 months apart and have been best buddies our whole entire lives. We have a picture of the two of us at exactly this same age and it looks just like this with us dressed up the same. Afton was born in april and that is her middle name, and Kaylee was born in May and that is her middle name as well, only spelled Mae after Skyler's grandma. What special girls we have! "Girls just want to have fun". These girlies are basically my little sisters. We have grown up with them in our home, babysitting since Whitney was a baby. We love to see them every time we come. Harrison isn't in the picture, but we love him too. *This is my cousin Chad's daughter, her name is Emma, we don't see them as often as we would like, but it's so fun to get together when we can*

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Thanksgiving Day...

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and so has my family. We were so blessed to be able to have them come out from Utah to join us (even if it was for 3 short days). We had so much fun just being together and hanging out. Steve made the turkey which was really impressive and the rest of us all pitched in to make the meal a delight. Bette's yams are always one of the favorites of the meal.We also got more aquainted with the WII, especially Sky's g-pa. He was so fun to watch at tennis.. We did miss Kip & Katie who were in Utah and my bro. Robby (who is now devoting his life to delivering christmas packages for Fed Ex..who knows he may just drop something by at your house! I love the holidays and I am so grateful to be able to share it with those I love most!